“Thank you for the opportunity to participate at ICI 2015, which was a great learning experience. It was most enjoyable attending the sessions that  focused on the differences between high-tech and biotech entrepreneurship. I was also fortunate enough to meet with interesting people which gave me much to think about.”

“We enjoyed the ICI Meeting very much and personally thank you for the invitation. The lectures were very stimulating, I personally was interested in the business aspect (finance, investment returns, etc.) while my colleague enjoyed the professional lectures.”

“I wanted to point out that the conference was most enjoyable and very productive. I took away a lot of things for continuation.”

“It was very informative, well organized and interesting. Thank you.”

“It was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I felt almost all the lectures, medical and technological developments, were relevant to me and I learned a lot.”

“We enjoyed the company, the high level of Chinese participation and general atmosphere.”

Students of the Department of Biomedical Technology, Tel Aviv University