Renat S. Akchurin

Renat S. Akchurin

Professional Qualifications:

cardiovascular surgeon

Present Appointment:    

Since 1984 – CEO of the Department of cardiovascular surgery in Russian Cardiology Research-and-Production Complex 

Undergraduate Education and Qualifications:

The First Moscow State Medical Institute (1968-1971)

Membership of Professional Associations and Colleges:

Academician, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences and Medical Sciences (RAS & RAMS), associate professor of the cardiovascular surgery, a member of the Board of Directors of the DeBakey’s International Surgical Society (1995), a member of the Scientific Consuls of the World Society of Angiologists (1994), a member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (1994), Member of the European Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (2000), President of DeBakey International Surgical Society (2002-2004), Chairman of cardiothoracic section of Russian Society of Surgeons (2016)

Postgraduate Training and Positions Held:

1973 – 1975 – Residency in Surgery, All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (AUSRICES of Academy of Medical Sciences).

1975 – 1978 – Junior Research Fellow in the Department of microvascular surgery (AUSRICES of Academy of Medical Sciences)

1984 – visiting surgeon in the department of cardiovascular surgery at Baylor College of Medicine under prof. M. DeBakey (Houston, USA)

Invited Speakers, Chairman and Scientific Faculty for International Meetings:

ICI meeting 2015, Tel-Aviv, Israel

ICI meeting 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel

PCR London Valve 2015, London, UK

Operation activity:

Department of cardiovascular surgery in Russian Cardiology Research-and-Production Complex, about 300 procedures per year